What Do You Learn in Drifting School?


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Drifting schools teach students how to slide vehicles sideways around several turns without hitting walls or skidding off the road. An oversteering technique is used to accomplish this maneuver.

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Drifting involves intentionally sliding a vehicle sideways. This is done in a controlled manner so the driver remains in full control of the vehicle. While drifting, the vehicle slides around a series of turns and continues to slide from one turn to the next without colliding with any walls or sliding off the road. Drifting schools specialize in this style of driving.

Drifting requires mastery of a drift technique known as oversteering. The vehicle is oversteered instead of counter-steered, which keeps the vehicle straight. This action makes the front and rear car wheels fall back in line with each other. Accelerating and oversteering at this point make the vehicle slide sideways through the turns. To control the car, the driver also uses precise steering and braking techniques. The cars used for drifting are light-to-moderate, rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Sedans and all-wheel-drive coupes are also used for this sport. Drifting competitions are held around the world. The parameters used to judge drifting competitions include the speed, angle, line and visual appeal of the drift.

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