What Are Some of the Largest Bowie Knives Ever Manufactured?


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Some of the largest Bowie knives ever made include a 7-foot Bowie created as a gift for American congressman John F. Potter after the politician chose the Bowie knife as the weapon of choice for a duel. Bowie knives up to 9 feet in length were manufactured for promotional use.

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What Are Some of the Largest Bowie Knives Ever Manufactured?
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The early days of the Bowie knife saw some of the largest ever created for actual use. The Confederate forces in the Civil War created large D-guard Bowies of varying lengths for combat purposes, and modern Bowies made in the traditional style can reach 18 inches in length. These include the Damascus Khyber Bowie Knife manufactured by Timber Wolf, which has a blade that measures 18.5 inches in length and an overall length of 24 inches. Modern takes on the D-guard Bowie from the Civil War commonly have 18-inch blades and overall lengths around 2 feet but still feature the same overall design.

Custom Bowies created by cutlery stores can reach 18 inches or longer, and some stores regularly offer lengths of 14 to 18 inches. These often feature the Sheffield style, a variation of the Bowie created in England for sale to Americans, instead of the traditional or historic Bowie design.

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