What Kinds of Repairs Do Gunsmiths Offer?


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Gunsmiths repair or modify various types of guns. Repairs may include removing corrosion, adding after-market customization, refinishing wooden stock parts, checking for bore erosion and replacing worn barrels.

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What Kinds of Repairs Do Gunsmiths Offer?
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Some of the types of arms gunsmiths repair include rifles, shotguns and handguns. They perform simple tasks such as cleaning, disassembling, inspecting and reassembling a gun and more complex ones such as refinishing the metal or designing custom firearms from scratch. The main responsibility of a gunsmith is to make sure a gun is in proper working condition and is safe for use.

Other types of repairs a gunsmith provides include checking for missing parts and replacing them, checking for cracks in the chamber area or buttstock of the gun, checking for improper timing for revolvers and automatic firearms and repairing dented shotgun barrels. Gunsmiths also take care of safety mechanism malfunctions that may cause a gun to fire unexpectedly.

Gunsmiths can also add after-market customizations to a gun, which may include butt plates, grip caps, scopes, recoil pads and sling swivels. They also fabricate wooden stocks to suit specific body dimensions and change the caliber or an existing barrel. Not all gunsmiths provide the same range of repairs, with some specializing in design and custom builds, whereas others offer exclusively cleaning and small repair services.

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