What Kinds of Additions Are Available for Jet Skis?

What Kinds of Additions Are Available for Jet Skis?

Types of additions for jet skis include waterproof boxes, dock lines, anchors, solar panels and bumpers. These additions help owners get more out of their jet skis.

A waterproof box works well for storing phones or other electronic devices while out on the water. The boxes can typically float in water and feature bright colors, making them easy to locate and retrieve if they fall in the water. A box should have foam padding to help protect the contents.

Owners should have dock line for jet skis for tying them to the dock. An anchor is equally important for parking in the water to fish or relax. Special anchors, such as sandbag or folding anchors, work best because ordinary anchors cannot be stored properly or safely on a jet ski. A sandbag anchor needs to be filled with sand for it to work.

Jet skis do not typically have a battery switch, making a solar panel useful for charging the watercrafts’ batteries. A solar panel is generally cheaper than a wall charger and is safer if it comes into contact with water. Charging the battery involves connecting the solar panel cables to the battery and placing the panel on the seat.

Lastly, bumpers help to protect the dock and jet ski from damage while docked. Just two bumpers can provide sufficient protection.