What Kind of Wood Is Used to Make Ping Pong Tables?

One of the most common types of wood used for manufacturing ping pong tables is a type of hardboard called Masonite. The rules of the International Table Tennis Federation, or ITTF, however, states that a ping pong table may be made out of any material as long as it is made of a continuous material and provides a consistent bounce height of 9.1 inches when the table tennis ball is dropped at height of 11.8 inches.

According to the ITTF rules, the size of a ping pong table should be 9 feet long and 5 feet wide and should be at a height of 2.5 feet from the floor. Although the specific color is not specified, the ITTF rules state that the playing surface should have a uniformly dark-colored matte with white edges and a center line.

While the thickness of the table is also not specified in the ITTF rules, professional wooden tables usually have a thickness of about an inch. This table tennis wood thickness is believed to provide a consistent bounce and will yield ideal spins for tournament play.

Apart from wood, ping pong tables are also available in other materials, such as aluminum and concrete. It is not uncommon for wooden ping pong tables to warp, especially when used outdoors. Weatherproofing and using a laminate finish on the table will help prevent it from warping.