What Kind of Guns Use .22 LR Shotshells?


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Specific examples of guns that use .22LR shot shells include the Henry Golden Boy and the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifles. Additionally, the Rock Island Armory M1911 XT22 22LR 5-inch is a handgun that uses .22 LR shot shells.

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The Henry Golden Boy features a 20-inch octagon barrel. It also has a lever-action .22LR and brasslite receiver. The Ruger features a narrow 18.5-inch barrel with automatic loading capabilities. These guns are available at ammunition supply retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods.

The .22LR shot shells are special shot cartridges designed to work with rifled barrels, as opposed to regular smooth bore shotgun barrels. A person can shoot the .22 LR from any rifle that can shoot .22 caliber bullets.

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