What Kind of Game Can the FOXPRO Call Lure?

What Kind of Game Can the FOXPRO Call Lure?

FOXPRO game calls are primarily designed to lure predators, including coyotes, raccoons, bobcats, foxes and crows. Calls for conventional hunting prey such as elk and turkey are available as well. The company makes both hand-held manual and digital game calling systems. Many of the digital systems allow users to download and purchase new call sounds from the FOXPRO website.

Digital units available range from small hand-held bullhorn-style units to large multi-speaker systems with digital sound editing and control features. Most of the FOXPRO digital calling systems are equipped with a programmable remote control.

FOXPRO digital systems come with a variety of pre-programmed calls with the number of available sounds depending on the model. Many of the predator calls are sounds of prey in distress, injured or mating and rutting noises.

Standard features available on many models include FOXMOTION, which allows the user to program sound fades to mimic the motion of the prey and FOXFUSION where users can combine two or more different sound calls. Hunters can adjust the pitch of the call to elicit more response with FOXPITCH and have the call reset to a specified point after a firearm discharge with FOXBANG.

Hunters interested in using technology to improve their hunts can use the FOXDATA feature, which automatically collects a wide range of information such as the moon phase, temperature, barometric pressure, hunt duration and shot times. It allows users to build a database to better predict animal activity.