What Kind of Fish Are Caught Off the Florida West Coast in Winter?


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Some kinds of fish that can be caught off the Florida west coast in winter are King Mackerel, Blackfin Tuna, Red and Black Groupers, amberjack, snapper, spotted seatrout and other reef fish. These types of fish belong to the saltwater species.

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In winter on the Florida west coast, catching amberjacks is extremely productive, but a single catch requires one angler that must be above 28 inches. Red Groupers can be caught in waters more than 100 feet in depth, which requires traveling almost 2 hours into the sea. Black Groupers can be caught easily between January and May. However, fishing for Groupers is difficult, particularly in November and December, owing to strict conservation measures that ban Grouper fishing by sport fishing vessels.

The King Mackerel, also called Kingfish, is another winter catch in the west coast of Florida, although it can also be occasionally caught during summer. When these fish are present in plenty, nearly 30 fish can be caught with just six anglers.

The Black Groupers grow to large sizes and weights, whereas the Blackfin Tuna weigh around 30 pounds on average. The King Mackerel are different from English Mackerel in that they grow up to around 100 pounds.

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