How Do You Kick a Curve Soccer Ball?


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To kick a soccer ball so that it goes into a curve, a soccer player must place a spin on the ball's trajectory with the initial kick. The ball can be struck on either its right or left side, which causes it to spin in the opposite direction. This rotational spin allows a soccer ball to curve through the air for crosses and set pieces.

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A soccer player can curve a ball by striking it with either the inside or outside of the foot. An inside-foot curling shot or pass is a relatively easier skill to pick up for beginning and intermediate players, as it allows for a greater degree of control. When using the inside of the foot, a player should strike the ball just outside the center to generate the desired spin. A player who has mastered the skill of curving the ball with the inside of the foot can also practice using the outside of the foot.

A curve ball pass is best attempted during set pieces, such as corners and free kicks, or direct shots on goal. One of the best examples of a curved free kick was taken by the Brazilian player Roberto Carlos in 2000. During a match in France, Roberto Carlos used the outside of his left foot to generate an outside spin for a free kick that resulted in a goal.

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