What Are Some Key High School Wrestling Rules?


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A few key rules of high school wrestling, as of 2015, are that wrestlers score points by taking an opponent down to the mat, escaping an opponent’s hold and escaping from underneath an opponent and gaining control, according to the West Virginia Wrestling overview page. The opposing wrestler scores points should one wrestler use illegal holds, commit technical violations or engage in unsportsmanlike behavior.

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Technical violations include going off the mat or forcing an opponent off the mat in order to evade actually wrestling. Leaving the mat at any time without first obtaining permission from the referee is another technical violation, as is any act of unnecessary roughness. Kicking, head butting and elbowing are three examples of unnecessary roughness. However, a referee may deem a wrestler’s actions towards an opponent inexcusable and has the power to call flagrant misconduct. Flagrant misconduct means a wrestler’s ejection and a team’s loss of all points earned in that match.

These rules apply to the folk style of wrestling, common in youth leagues and at the middle, high school and college levels of competitive wrestling in the United States. In Olympic and other international competitions, wrestlers compete in either the freestyle or Greco-Roman style.

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