How Do You Keep Score in Volleyball?

In volleyball, a point is awarded to a team when the other team fails to return the ball or returns the ball out of bounds. In some instances of volleyball, only the serving team can win a point.

In volleyball, there are several different types of scoring, with games typically ending when a team reaches either 15 or 25 points. Matches are determined by the winner of the majority of the games, either best two out of three or best three out of five. In side out scoring, only the team serving the ball can win the point; if the serving team fails to return the ball or returns it out of bounds, no point is given, and the other team gets to serve. In rally scoring, either the serving or returning team can win the point. A team wins a volleyball game by being the first to score the target number of points. The volleyball match is won by winning the majority of the games.