What Are Some Karate Games for Kids?


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Catch Your Tail, The Circle of Doom and Horse and Snake Relay are some karate games for kids. These three games need an instructor and two or more students.

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What Are Some Karate Games for Kids?
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Catch Your Tail is game for young karate students that teaches agility and speed. This game requires two students, one acting as the head of a tiger and the other acting as the tail. The instructor ties a karate belt to the "tail" student, sets a 30-second timer and lets the "head of the tiger" try to catch that belt.

The Circle of Doom is a game that utilizes an entire class of students, having them sit in a circle far enough apart to be out of reach of the student next to them. The students put their closed hands at their hips, in a horse stance. The instructor stands in the center of the circle and performs an "attack" on a student, letting the student practice a block or counter.

The Horse and Snake Relay is a game that divides students into two equal teams. The start and finish line are 30 to 60 feet apart. The teams line up, with each student standing a couple feet apart in the horse stance. The student at the end of the line yells "snake," then crawls through the legs of the other students until he reaches the front of the line and yells "horse." The first team that passes the finish line wins.

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