What Is a Kabbadi Player?


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A Kabaddi player is a man or woman who participates in the team-wrestling sport of Kabbadi. While "raiding" the opposing team's side of the field, they cannot draw breath. Thus, many Kabbadi players develop great speed, strength and lung capacity.

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What Is a Kabbadi Player?
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First introduced to the world by India in the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the sport of Kabbadi has been steadily spreading across the globe. In the game, one player will take on the role of the "raider," and will venture out alone to the side of the enemy team. Once there, they must chant "Kabbadi!" throughout the raid without pausing to take a breath. Additionally, they will need to tackle as many players as possible during this time in order to gather points. If they're able to reach a line at the far end of the field, they will accrue even more points. They must hold their breath, touch at least one player during the raid and successfully return to their own side of the field in order to retain the points gathered.

While a raider is out testing their strength against their opponents, the rest of their team will stay behind to defend their side of the field from similar conquest. If a raider confines a player in a wrestling hold, that player will be tagged "out" and will have to leave the field.

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