What Is the "Justin TV Soccer Live Stream"?


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Justin.tv was a website dedicated to live streaming videos, featuring thousands of channels, which included live sports feeds such as soccer. The website was closed down by its owners on August 5, 2014.

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Justin.tv was established in 2007 and initially featured a non-stop streaming video that focused on the life of Justin Kan, one of the founders of the site. The other founders of the site were Emmett Shear, Michael Seibel and Kyle Vogt. The site was later expanded to allow users to stream their own videos for free to unlimited audiences around the world.

Categories covered on the site were broad, and (although not permitted in the website's terms of service) the content was sometimes illegal in nature, such as pornographic content and video streams that violated copyright laws. For example, a number of users would stream videos of live sporting events that normally would have been accessible only through paid subscription services.

In 2014, the owners decided to shut down justin.tv and to focus their efforts and resources on Twitch Interactive Inc. This new venture, under the new domain name of twitch.tv, provides a platform exclusively for gaming-related video streams and content, and it was created following the success of twitch.justin.tv, a highly popular arm of the previous main site.

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