What Are Some Facts About Jungle Quest?

What Are Some Facts About Jungle Quest?

Jungle Quest is an indoor adventure center designed to resemble a jungle. The venue is used for birthday parties, school field trips and day care outings.

Jungle Quest offers jungle-themed adventures featuring equipment such as a zipline, a 20-foot rock climbing wall and a large safari swing. The center also includes a treehouse with slides and areas designed to replicate jungle caves.

Safari guides are staff members that watch over the Jungle Quest adventure. They provide each child with a climbing harness and give an orientation about safety. The safari guide instructs the children on how to use the equipment and supervises the jungle to ensure everyone has a great time.

Jungle Quest allows both special occasion reservations and casual hang-outs of friends. Birthday party reservation options include the explorers party, the gorilla party, mom's favorite party and the private party. Party extras can be purchased as well, including cake, punch, soda and popcorn. Walk-ins are also welcome as part of the drop-in explorers party. Reservations are not required for the drop-in party, but are recommended so that Jungle Quest staff can ensure that children in the Jungle have adequate space.

Parents can drop their children off and come back later. They are also free to enter and can watch their kids from above on the jungle lookout deck. Jungle Quest has entertained more than 700,000 children and hosted 30,000 birthday parties.