How Do You Jump on a Skateboard?

How Do You Jump on a Skateboard?

To jump on a skateboard, align your feet correctly, start rolling, kick the back of the board as you leap in the air, and guide the board up with your front foot. Maintain body positioning, and keep your knees bent as you land.

  1. Position your feet on the board

    Step on the board, and place your dominant foot in back. Position your dominant foot so that the ball is directly on the tail of the board. Place the other foot in the front between the front and middle trucks of the skateboard.

  2. Start rolling

    Kick to start rolling and give yourself momentum for the jump.

  3. Prepare for the jump

    Prepare your body by engaging your core and bending your knees. The deeper the bend in your knees, the higher your jump, so use your knees to guide the height.

  4. Enter the jump

    Kick the tail of your skateboard as hard as you can. Use that force to propel yourself into the air.

  5. Get your body in position

    As you become airborne, draw your knees up. Maintain your equilibrium by keeping your body erect and your shoulders straight.

  6. Guide the skateboard

    Roll the ankle of your front foot out so that the side of your foot makes contact with the board. Push down slightly, and use the friction to drag the skateboard forward and up.

  7. Prepare to land

    Flatten both feet on the skateboard so that the board is parallel to the ground. Keep your knees bent to absorb the shock, and land.