How Do You Join the North American Hunting Club?

To join the North American Hunting Club, simply subscribe to the magazine. As of 2015, the price is only about $1 each month, and members receive benefits such as discounts on products, a private forum, contests, events and competitions.

Many join the North American Hunting Club due to the benefits, including testing out new gear and products. Members commonly receive small thank you gifts, such as decals or key chains, and may also receive solicitations such as videos or books, which must ship back within a certain time frame to avoid a charge for the items. Members who sign up as testers may receive products or gear to test, but they must complete a full review of the product after using the product for a set time frame.

General membership to the North American Hunting Club is open to anyone. Members may also choose to become life members, which offers even more benefits including rebates, lifetime product testing opportunities, a lifetime subscription to the magazine, gifts and a yearly directory of hunting resources. People who join the North American Hunting Club with a general membership must pay dues every year or opt to join as a lifetime member. If choosing the life membership, the club refunds any annual dues that the member paid in the past.