What Are Some Facts About John Madden?


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John Madden was born in 1936 in Austin, Minnesota. He is the son of Earl, an auto mechanic who moved the family to Daly City in search of a better life. John always received encouragement from his parents, who supported his interest in sports.

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Although John always had an interest in football, he didn't begin playing until he attended college at California Polytechnic College in 1957. During his time at the college, he received a knee injury, effectively ending any dreams he had of becoming a professional player. He stayed at the school until he earned his master's degree in 1961.

Despite the fact that he couldn't play, Madden still pursued a career in sports when he coached at Hancock Junior College in California. He took a job at San Diego State University as a defensive coordinator in 1964 and eventually became part of the Oakland Raiders in 1967 as a linebacker coach. He stayed with the Raiders until he retired in 1979.

Madden started with CBS as a sports broadcaster in 1980. During his time as a broadcaster, Madden won 13 Emmys and signed a multi-million dollar deal with Fox. He is the author of several books and today, lives with his wife in Pleasanton, California.

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