How Does John Cena Maintain His Body?


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According to Men's Fitness, John Cena's workout regimen employs a mixture of high-intensity circuit training paired with traditional weight-bearing exercises, including squats, bench presses, leg curls, pull-ups and dumbbell curls. Cena's sessions follow a model of two upper body days and one lower body day. He does three sets of most exercises in a circuit fashion with small breaks between each movement and usually keeps his number of repetitions low.

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How Does John Cena Maintain His Body?
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While his workout program incorporates a lot of weight lifting, Men's Fitness explains that John Cena's process is organized in a way that is not traditional compared to most bodybuilding training programs. However, his training regimen still allows him to get a full-body workout and improve his strength, muscle definition and athleticism. His program is structured so that he works to improve upon his maximum weight and time on the main exercises every six weeks. Men's Fitness credits this continual striving for progress to be what ultimately forces Cena's muscles to gain mass.

Cena has been quoted in Men's Health as saying that he is not fond of weightlifting machines and prefers to use free weights. He also enjoys incorporating Olympic movements into his program, including the snatch, and clean and jerk.

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