How Do You Find Jet Ski Values Using NADA?


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To find personal watercraft values using NADA, enter a valid ZIP code and choose a manufacturer to compare prices in a specific region. NADA can compare manufacturer's prices, suggested retail prices and book prices.

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Run through the following steps to use the NADA guides website to compare personal watercraft values.

  1. Go to the NADA website
  2. Go to the official NADA website at NADAGuides.com to start comparing personal watercraft prices, and then go to the page for personal watercraft.

  3. Enter a valid ZIP code
  4. Prices may vary by location. Enter a ZIP code to find pricing information in specific regions. To find a ZIP code, use the ZIP code lookup feature.

  5. Choose a manufacturer
  6. Choose a manufacturer to continue. NADA offers a complete list of manufacturers.

  7. Select a year and a model
  8. Select a year and a model name to access complete pricing information for a specific personal watercraft. NADA offers a variety of pricing data, such as book prices, retail prices and manufacturer prices. Book prices usually reflect the average price that consumers pay for a model. Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) refers to the price that manufacturers recommend to dealers. Manufacturer's price is also known as invoice price, and it refers to the price that manufacturers charge dealers.

Website users can also use the compare models feature to compare two different personal watercraft models.

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