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A jade putter is a custom-made golf putter that usually has a head made of jade, created by the Jade Putters company. However, customers can also custom-order marble, petrified wood and agate for the head of the putter. The most common stone in jade putters is Wyoming nephrite jade, which is one of the toughest stones in the world.

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It is only possible to find the Wyoming nephrite jade in a small band of rocks in the middle of Wyoming, reports Jade Putters. It contains a large quantity of iron, magnesium and other metals, which makes it heavier. The shaft of the putter is usually made of standard materials, but people can custom order them to include steel in different colors or graphite, and can make them long or short. It is also possible to engrave the putters with names or dates.

Jade putters have a different feel and consistency than other golf clubs, claims Jade Putters. The unique structure of the stone supposedly gives the putters a different feel, since the stone has not been refined or melted down. Depending on how the golfer hits, the club may have a light or crisp feel. The Jade Putters office location is in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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