What Are Some Items You Need for RV Camping?


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When camping in an RV, essential supplies include blankets and other linens, food, and cooking supplies, such as pans, plates, paper towels and aluminum foil. Take bottled water, or have the RV water tank filled with fresh water before going to the campground. Other essentials include a first aid kit, RV toilet paper and grooming supplies. RV supplies to bring include chemicals for the black water tank and basic tools, such as pliers and screwdrivers.

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When camping at a campground with electrical hookups, consider bringing a coffee pot or other convenience items, such as hair dryers or a microwave. If the RV relies on a generator, bring extra fuel. Additional supplies needed to maintain the proper operation of the RV include extra fuses, light bulbs, leveling blocks and a hose for clean water.

Bring an extra water hose and a sewer hose to empty and clean the black water tank. Other items to pack include garbage bags, extra clothing, a can opener, a water pressure regulator and a tire pressure gauge.

When camping during summer, bring insect repellent and swimming gear. Pack cleaning supplies, including a broom, mop and cleaners, to clean the RV during the trip. When choosing toilet paper, purchase a brand that is specifically designed for use in an RV.

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