Who Invented the Skateboard?

invented-skateboard Credit: Tara Moore/Stone/Getty Images

According to About.com, no one knows the original inventor of the skateboard. Skateboarding gained prominence in California around the 1950s, and it appears that several people came up with the idea of skateboarding at around the same time.

The first skateboarders used wooden boards and boxes with roller skate wheels attached on the bottom. The boxes eventually turned into planks, which formed the basis for the skateboard in its current 21st-century form. However, in 1965, the skateboard's popularity seemed to die out. In 1972, Frank Nasworthy developed the first urethane skateboard wheels which closely resemble what skateboards of the 21st century use. This prompted a resurgence of interest in the skateboard, and ever since then, skateboarding has grown more popular.