What Are Some Interesting Super Bowl Facts?


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On average, Super Bowl ad rates grow 10.8 percent annually and cost $4.5 million, as of 2015. The movies "Little Giants" and "Space Jam" were created after successful commercials during the Super Bowl featured the same or similar characters.

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What Are Some Interesting Super Bowl Facts?
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A man named Dion Rich has sneaked into over 30 Super Bowls and appeared on television in 21 of the first 22 of them. In 1987, Giants quarterback Phil Simms was the first player to declare "I'm going to Disney World," which is now a tradition for the winning players to announce after the game.

During the first Super Bowl, NBC accidentally missed the taping of a kickoff, so the whole play was reset for the cameras. Cincinnati Bengals running back Stanley Wilson missed the 1989 Super Bowl after telling teammates he forgot his playbook at the hotel. He then spent the night on a drug binge. Referees receive a ring after working at the Super Bowl. The name "Super Bowl" was coined by Lamar Hunt, who was inspired by a toy that his kid called a "super ball."

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