What Are Some Interesting Facts About Football Player Michael Oher?


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Michael Oher, the subject of the film and movie "The Blind Side," was one of 12 children born to a drug addict mother and criminal father. Oher spent years in foster care until the Tuohy family adopted him. Oher found stability with the Tuohys and went on to finish college and play professional football with the Baltimore Ravens.

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Michael Oher was born in Tennessee in 1986 to Michael Jerome Williams Jr. and Denise Oher. Oher's parents did little to care for him and his 11 siblings. Denise Oher is described as a drug addict and an alcoholic and Michael Sr. was often incarcerated during Oher's childhood. In Oher's senior year of high school, his father was murdered in prison.

Michael entered the foster care system when he was 11. He spent the next several years moving around the system, separated from his parents and siblings. Because of his unstable home life, Oher struggled in school, repeating first and second grade. By the time Oher reached eight grade, he had already attended 11 different schools.

When Oher enrolled in Briarcrest Christian School, he met Leah Ann and Sean Tuohy who had children attending the same school. The couple eventually adopted Oher and gave him a loving, supported family life that he had never experienced.

Oher had always studied football and thought that athletics could be his ticket out of the ghetto. While living with the Tuohys, he honed athletic skills and focused on academics so that he could get into a Division I NCAA college. By the time Oher was graduating Briarcrest, he had six schools offering him scholarships. Oher chose University of Mississippi, his adoptive parents' alma mater.

The Baltimore Ravens chose Oher in the first round draft in 2009. Oher won a Superbowl with the Ravens in 2013.

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