What Are Some Interesting Activities in Volleyball Winter Camps?


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Winter volleyball training camps offer instruction and exercises to practice the basic skills of serving, hitting, setting and blocking. They offer game-like drills and tactical training. Winter camps allow players to focus on individual technique while also learning how to work well on a team.

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Aside from on-court training, camps often focus on a player's fitness and conditioning. One activity used to increase speed, strength and balance is an agility ladder. After fitness activities and drills, the session will normally end with a competitive game or scrimmage.

Camps offer activities that help with game strategy. Players perform drills that will teach different sets and patterns in order to strengthen the offensive game. Furthermore, camps offer instruction on blocking and how to attack from the back court. Aside from working on technical aspects of the game, it is also important that camp attendees have fun and find joy in playing the sport.

Winter camps are normally offered on half-day or full-day basis and are often divided according to skill levels. Camps try to limit capacity so that each player can receive optimal attention. They typically feature highly trained staffs, consisting of people who have either played or coached at the collegiate level.

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