How Do You Install a Viper Bicycle Engine Kit?

How Do You Install a Viper Bicycle Engine Kit?

Install a Viper bicycle engine kit on the rear end of a bicycle using the brackets and attachment points that you would typically use to attach a rear fender. No special tools are necessary to attach the engine to the bicycle.

Install the mounting bracket for the Viper engine kit to the rear brake mount on your bicycle. This may require you to remove the rear brake unless your bicycle has center pull brakes. After removing the rear brake (if needed), bolt it back onto the bike along with the engine mounting bracket.

Engine struts attach to the eyelets near the rear wheel dropout in your bike frame. These eyelets are normally used to attach a rear fender to the bicycle. Attach the struts pointing in an upward direction to support the rear portion of the Viper engine.

Mount the engine on the bicycle using the front bracket and rear struts. The pivot bolts and quick release on the engine mount allow you to engage and disengage the engine roller from your rear wheel as needed.

Remove the hand grip from your handlebar on the side where you would like to install the throttle handle. Install the throttle securely, and attach the throttle cable to your bicycle frame using zip ties or something similar.