How Do You Install an Ejection Port Cover?


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To install an ejection port cover on an AR-15, place the upper receiver on its left side, and insert the snap ring into the notch on the hinge pin. Put the ejection port spring between the long-tailed loops of metal inside the ejection port cover, and then place the port cover between the hinge points. Insert the pin, twisting the small tail of the spring against the ejection port's lower lip. Push the hinge pin to the rear hinge point.

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Install an ejection port cover with needle nose pliers. Once the pin is firmly in the rear hinge point, close the ejection port cover, and reach inside the receiver to push on it. If installed correctly, the spring tension causes the cover to swing open.

When beginning to place the pin, make sure the notch in the hinge pin points toward the rifle's front. The pin should run from the front to rear of the receiver, passing through the first hinge point and partially through the spring. After setting the spring, the pin passes through the remainder of the cover until it rests in the rear raised hinge point.

Ejection port covers are part of the upper receiver of an AR-15. They are usually made of high-quality steel and can be personalized by engraving slogans on each side.

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