What Ingredients Do You Need to Make Exploding Rifle Targets?


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Exploding rifle targets are made from a mixture of ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder. The concentration rate is about 95 percent ammonium nitrate and 5 percent aluminum powder.

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It is legal to make exploding rifle targets at home but is potentially dangerous. Mixing aluminum powder with ammonium nitrate increases the detonation sensitivity, with the aluminum being the catalyst. While the product serves its purpose of exploding when a bullet hits it, there is a huge risk involved if the compounds aren't mixed correctly.

Both aluminium powder and ammonium nitrate are purchased online, either openly or as an ingredient in another product. The ammonium nitrate needs to be a fine powder, and can be put in a blender until it has the consistency of salt granules. The aluminum powder also needs to be blended, but be sure to use a different blender. Store both items in separate, sealed containers until ready for use. Only mix the powders together on site where the target will be used immediately, and enjoy the explosion.

If mixing powders sounds intimidating, Tannerite is a company that created exploding rifle targets for purchase. Through Tannerite, the consumer can purchase a premixed and ready-to-use target. It's safe to handle, but explodes when a bullet hits it.

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