How Do You Find Information on Past Iditarod Winners?


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To find information on past Iditarod winners, visit the race’s official website. The site lists race times for past winners by year, Golden Harness awards for lead dogs and notable race accomplishments, such as most consecutive wins, youngest winner and fastest winning time. Notable winners include Dallas Seavey, who completed the race in eight days, 13 hours and four minutes at age 25; and his father, Mitch Seavey, who completed the race at age 53.

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The Iditarod is an annual dog and sled race held in early March in Alaska. The race begins in Anchorage with a starting ceremony and an 11-mile leg, then resets in Willow, Alaska, and ends in Nome. The trail follows one of two routes, which alternate annually. The northern route covers 1,112 miles, and the southern route covers 1,131 miles. Both trails pass through the Rainy Pass of the Alaska Range and cover a variety of terrain, including tundra, forests, hills, mountains and rivers.

A team of 12 to 16 dogs pull the racer, called a musher, along the course. Mixed-breed huskies are typically used, and all participating dogs must pass a veterinary exam to certify they are fit to race and have not received illegal performance-enhancing drugs.

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