What Information Is in the Oklahoma Fishing Report?

What Information Is in the Oklahoma Fishing Report?

Water conditions, best fish species and best fishing locations are among the topics discussed in Oklahoma's fishing reports. The reports come from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

The Oklahoma fishing reports receive regular updates on the department's website. Information in the reports comes from county game wardens and bait shops. Oklahoma's fishing reports are most accurate in March through June, when local reports are necessary submissions to game wardens.

In the reports, water conditions include a lake or river's depth, temperature and clarity. The reports inform anglers as to the most plentiful species and the best bait and lures to use. The best locations to fish, such as near dams or the shoreline, also are available in Oklahoma's fishing reports.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation produces reports for five geographic regions in Oklahoma. The Northwest region covers lakes and rivers around municipalities such as Enid, Cherokee and Guymon. The Northeast region includes Tulsa, Muskogee and Stillwater. Oklahoma City and its suburbs form the Central region. Towns covered by the Southwest regional report include Lawton, Carnegie and Clinton. The Southeast region includes McAlester, Norman and Durant.

The department's website has lists of state and local catch records, information about Oklahoma's 176 recognized fish species, and a link to the National Weather Service for local conditions and forecasts.