What Information Is Normally Included on Basketball Posters?


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Basketball posters are different in many respects and may contain a variety of information, including player names, team names, nicknames, highlights, season schedules, team sponsors, advertisements, statistics, mottos, motivational quotes and more. However, since the poster often focuses on the action image of the depicted player or team, the amount of text may be limited or there may be none at all.

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Team posters of high school, college or professional basketball teams often carry an index of player names and contain the current season schedule, with a team quote or motto accompanying the photo. Individual player posters, like those of NBA stars, may include just the player himself or depict the player and team name or nickname and even expand to include statistics, career highlights or a short bio.

Some posters may commemorate significant events, showing the player's winning jam in the annual slam dunk contest during All-Star weekend along with the date and location of the competition. Posters also serve as advertisements for organizations to include an athlete in street clothes alongside the company's catchphrase. Basketball posters may also feature pictures of historical facilities with a timeline of their history. Others merely feature a ball and hoop with a motivational quote from a known or unknown source.

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