How Do You Find Information on NFL Standings?


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The NFL standings are found at nfl.com/standings. The website allows users to filter by league, conference and division. It also provides standings from past seasons and preseasons.

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The NFL website also lets users filter the standings by a variety of splits, such as division, overtime, conference and grass or turf. Markings are used to show a secured playoff status: "x" for a clinched playoff spot, "y" for a clinched Wild Card, "z" for a clinched division and "*" for a clinched division and home field advantage. The NFL "Playoff Picture" is also available, which provides a graphic that shows the potential playoff match ups and the teams that are still in the Wild Card hunt. A link to the tiebreaking procedures is also available.

ESPN provides a similar set up at espn.go.com with filters showing league, division, conference and year, but splits are not available. ESPN also provides a playoff standings option, which provides the standings in order by conference instead of division. Instead of using letter markings like the NFL, ESPN provides users with a one or two sentence description of why the team is placed where it is. This also takes the place of the tiebreaking procedure page.

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