What Information Is Included on an NHL Team Roster?

What Information Is Included on an NHL Team Roster?

In addition to individual player names, typical information found on National Hockey League rosters includes each player's jersey number, position, height and weight. The dates of birth and birthplaces of athletes are also provided on the rosters available online at ESPN.com, Yahoo! Sports and NHL.com.

ESPN further provides information on whether the player shoots right- or left-handed, while Yahoo! Sports also provides years of NHL experience and player salary on team rosters.

Selecting a hyperlinked individual player name from any of the 30 NHL team rosters brings up additional information, including player bios, when the player was selected in the NHL Draft, current or previous season, situational and career statistics, player news and highlights.

Per league guidelines, teams are required to submit their Opening Day Playing Rosters to the NHL prior to the start of the season. Rosters must consist of at least 20 players, and at least two must be goaltenders. The maximum number of players allowed by the league on an NHL roster at any time is 23, not including those currently on injured reserve.

Users can view online NHL rosters from ESPN, Yahoo! Sports and NHL.com by selecting Rosters from the Teams header at each respective site.