What Information Is Included on a Hunting Lease Form?


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Some information that should be included on a hunting lease form are the name of the hunter and the landowner, a description of the land to be leased, a description of the hunter's recreational rights and the terms of payment. The information on the hunting lease form ensures that the hunter and landowner understand their rights and the terms of their agreement.

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The hunting lease form has information pertaining to the people involved in the land agreement, including the hunter or hunters and the landowner. It also describes the property to be leased, the price of the lease and the types of animals that the hunter may hunt on the property.

The hunting lease form includes a section that describes the rights that the hunter has on the property. It may describe whether the lessee is allowed to hunt, camp or fish on the property. It also outlines the activities the landowner prohibits, such as sub-letting the property, providing guide services, building fires or harvesting trees.

The hunting lease form contains a legal disclaimer that limits the landowner's liability for any accidents. The landowner should reserve the right to enter the property whenever he wishes and to cancel the lease if he feels the hunter violated the terms of the agreement. The form includes a place where both the landowner and the hunter sign and date the agreement.

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