What Information Is Included in a College Football Almanac?


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A college football almanac includes very detailed information about the game of college football and each team that participates in the game. The information covers schedules of college football teams, important games played and the various accomplishments of every team.

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A college football almanac has detailed histories for every team such as their win/loss record for every year they have participated, who has been the head coach of their team during each season, which opposing schools are their biggest rivals, and any major individual accomplishments their players may have achieved. It also has the individual records for each college football program, such as which player has the most passing or rushing yards and which player has scored the most points in the school's history.

A college football almanac also includes which teams have won national titles and the results of the various bowl games that take place at the end of every college football season. The almanac has a list of all-time team and individual records such as which team has allowed the least number of points to opponents in a season and which team has won the most consecutive games. Individual accomplishments are also listed, such as the All-American football players for each season and the award winners for each year's various trophies.

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