What Information Is on a Club Car Golf Cart Wiring Diagram?


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The wiring diagrams for Club Car golf carts show a lot of different information, such as the complete wiring assembly and battery wires. These diagrams also show the different parts that make up the battery and charger parts on vintage Club Car golf carts.

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Many of the diagrams for Club Car golf carts are for vintage carts. For example, there are available diagrams for the 1970 to 1973 Club Car models, through the 1981 to 1983 Club Car models. Using these diagrams, one can troubleshoot problems with a Club Car, and find the appropriate parts to fix the cart.

Different parts that are listed on Club Car golf cart diagrams, with their respective part numbers, include flat washers, hex nuts, chargers, buss bars, and simulators. The diagrams can help match up the defective part with the number so that a replacement part can be ordered. Many of the sites that feature diagrams for old and new Club Car golf carts have the parts in stock, so that the Club Cars can be fixed. Non-battery and wiring parts are also available for Club Cars. Parts such as solenoids, drain tubes, and other parts are available for many years of Club Car models.

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