What Information Does the Barclays Premiere League Table Provide?

What Information Does the Barclays Premiere League Table Provide?

The league table on the Barclays Premiere League website lists the statistics accumulated by the league’s 20 teams over the course of a regular season. Statistics listed include games played, wins, draws and losses. Goals for, goals against, goal difference and points also feature in the table.

Aside from the more obvious games played (P), wins (w), draws (D) and losses (L) statistics, the league table lists other figures that have a direct impact on team rankings. Most important of these is points (PTS), which determines the ranking of teams in the league. Teams gain three points for each win and one for each draw. Losses do not count for points.

Goals for (GF) tallies the number of goals made by a team during season games. Conversely, goals against (GA) totals the goals made against it.

After points, goal difference is the second most important statistic. As its name suggests, goal difference refers to the net result when goals against is subtracted from goals for. During a tie in points between two teams, the Premier League uses the goal difference statistic as a tiebreaker. If the ranking of a team remains in contention after that, goals for then counts as the deciding statistic.

Finally, the ranking of the teams on the table is also important. The top four teams qualify to play in the UEFA Champions League, and the fifth and sixth qualify for the Europa League. Placing in the lowest three spots relegates a team to the second-division league.