How Do You Increase Your Bat Speed?


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Increase bat speed with a combination of strength training and swing correction. There are many exercises that target the muscles involved with the swing, and the slightest adjustments to a player's swing can dramatically increase bat speed and power.

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  1. Analyze and improve grip and hand position

    It is best to grip the bat with the fingers, rather than let it settle into the palms of the hand. Your hands should be positioned as close to the top of the strike zone as possible, resulting in a more efficient swing.

  2. Analyze and improve stance

    Everything in a swing needs to be level and balanced. If a stance is unbalanced, much of the energy expended is spent trying to stay balanced, rather than being transferred into bat speed.

  3. Train and exercise targeted muscle groups

    Strengthening the muscle groups associated with the swing dramatically increases bat speed over time. Specifically, training the muscles of the hand, wrist and core increases bat speed almost immediately. Some exercises that increase core strength are bridges and medicine ball rotational throws. Exercises focusing not just on the core, but also on the act of rotation, are crucial. A grip exerciser is a quick way to improve overall hand strength, and wrist curls are a popular exercise targeting the muscles of the wrist.

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