What Is Included in Military Survival Equipment?

What Is Included in Military Survival Equipment?

Military survival equipment includes water purification tablets, survival blankets, tinder cubes, fire starters and compasses. Other military survival equipment includes water bags, rescue whistles, flashlights, knives and signalling mirrors.

Water purification tablets are an essential component in a military survival kit. The tablets are small, lightweight and quickly convert dirty water into potable water. Water collection and purification bags assist with this. The bags are useful for hauling water and for collecting rain. They also store water during and after tablet purification.

Knives are a staple in military survival kits. They are used to cut bandages, prepare food and cut rope. Knives are also useful weapons in hand-to-hand combat and provide defense against wild animals.

Survival blankets have many uses. They promote body heat retention, and when folded, function as pillows for injured limbs. Military survival blankets often feature camouflage patterns designed to conceal the user.

Flashlights included in military survival kits have powerful batteries that produce very bright light. Many models emit light that is visible for over a mile. The most useful survival flashlights have four modes of operation: regular, strobe, SOS and Morse code. These functions allow users to illuminate their surroundings, communicate across large distances, and send simple distress signals.