What Is Included in the Bear Scout Handbook?


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The Bear Scouts are a branch of Boy Scouts appropriate for 9-year-old boys, and the club has a handbook with adventures the boys must complete to earn a Bear badge. Bear scouts must complete six required adventures and one of 13 elective adventures.

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What Is Included in the Bear Scout Handbook?
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The Bear Handbook includes a parent guide and basic information about the Bear Trail. It also includes Cub Scout basics such as the promise, mission statement, motto, salute and sign.

The majority of the handbook is concerned with the Bear Trail, which are the adventures scouts must complete to earn the Bear badge. The Bear Trail is broken up into four categories: God, country, family and self. Boys should complete at least one task from each category.

An example of a task related to the God category is for scouts to discuss their religion with their family and religious leader. They should know the names of people who have been very religious, discuss ways for strengthening their faith and practice their faith in a place of worship.

An example of a task related to country is to conduct research about a famous American and present it to the Bear troop. Other types of adventures are related to typical Boy Scout activities such as learning about knife safety, camping and planning events for younger scouts.

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