How Do You Improve Your Long Jump Techniques?


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Long jumpers can effectively improve their technique by working on speed, strength and technical skills. Improving on all of these elements separately will result in an overall improvement in the jump.

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Improving speed during a short sprint is not easy, but it can be achieved over time through conditioning drills. Drills that have proven to help with speed include sprint training, flexibility training and plyometric training. Video analysis also helps sprinters and jumpers dramatically as it offers immediate feedback.

Exercises that can help to strengthen the muscles vital to a long jumper include parallel squats, straight-leg deadlifts and power cleans. Power cleans help to ensure the jumper has an explosive start, which can make a huge difference in the length of the jump.

There are also several tactical techniques that help improve a jumper's results. For example, experts suggest that jumpers count their steps on take off so that they may better gauge the jump. In addition, the more force and power a jumper puts into the final step before take off, the higher, faster and longer the resulting jump will be. This is why it is so important to improve the speed of the initial approach and to improve the strength of the legs.

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