How Do You Improve Your High Jump Technique?

To improve high jump technique, implement plyometric exercises into training, perform approach and take-off drills by mastering the j-curve and jumping up instead of towards the bar and gain flexibility in the back to help arch over the bar. Practice each part of the jump individually and start with a low height before attempting to jump higher.

The high jump is a track and field event in which athletes attempt to jump over a bar that is placed as tall as possible. If the bar is knocked over, the jump does not count. Use the following tips to improve high jump technique:

  • Do plyometric exercises
  • Plyometric exercises, such as box jumps or jump squats, help strengthen the leg muscles.

  • Practice the jump in place
  • First, learn to clear the bar in place without the approach.

  • Add the approach to the jump
  • Run towards the bar using a j-curve. Accelerate evenly over five steps while running towards the bar. Take off with one foot over the bar.

  • Jump up instead of towards the bar
  • If the athlete jumps and arches towards the bar instead of vertically, they will hit the bar or not reach maximum height.

  • Learn the arch jump
  • Look over the shoulder while arching over the bar. Practice this by jumping off of a box over the bar into the pit.

  • Gain flexibility in the back
  • Use bridge-up exercises to make the back more flexible to improve the arch of the jump.