What Are Some Important Values Related to Sportsmanship?

Good sportsmanship is related to honesty, fair play, respect for others, putting forth effort, teamwork and having fun while playing the game. Although good sportsmanship is a value in itself, it is connected to many other important values. Having good sportsmanship means playing the game for the correct reasons and remembering that it is just a game. Good sports love to play, respect their opponents and recognize that losing is a part of life.

Many parents sign their children up for sports to teach them valuable life lessons and morals. Sports encourage competition and hard work while theoretically teaching participants about teamwork, the importance of following rules, fair play and active fun. Sports, however, can also lead children to develop attitudes of disrespect, as well as the belief that winning is the only important aspect of the game.

Because of this, sportsmanship is being highly emphasized at every level of athletic competition as of 2015. Respect, fairness, kindness, honesty and responsibility are all important aspects of sportsmanship that are being integrated into the sporting world. Sportsmanship is about playing according to the spirit of the game and pursuing victory in an honorable fashion. Without sportsmanship, athletic competition loses its meaning and value within society.