What Are Some Important Golf Rules?


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Some important golf rules are the ball being played must always be identifiable, only 14 clubs in a bag are permitted and balls hit in out-of-bounds areas come with a one-stroke penalty. Also, the ball must be played as it lies and a path cannot be cleared for it.

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What Are Some Important Golf Rules?
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The ball being played with must be identifiable before the round of golf even starts. This rule is especially important for beginners, who often spray the ball a lot. Often, two or three people hit into the same area and each individual ball must be recognizable.

When teeing off, the ball can be placed at the tees or just behind the tee markers. The rule is that the ball can be placed up to two club lengths back from the markers, while staying between them. If a ball is hit out of bounds, another must be hit from the same spot as the original spot or as close to it as possible. Out-of-bounds areas are marked by white stakes. The ball must always be played as it lies, meaning rolling it over to better grass is prohibited.

Also, if something like a tree limb or sprig of a bush is in the path of a clear shot, it cannot be cleared.

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