What Are Some Important AHSAA Rules for Basketball Eligibility?


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The most important rules for basketball eligibility under the Alabama High School Athletic Association are the rules regarding age, enrollment and outside participation. These rules are very specific and have clearly defined guidelines to establish what players may or may not take part in the school program. There are other rules that are important in addition to these three, but these are the most important due to the fact that they can be broken very easily and unintentionally.

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Since students' senior years can typically occur at the age of 17 to 19, depending on when their birthday is, the age rule can be one that is easily forgotten. If a student reaches his 19th birthday before August 1, he is ineligible to play due to the age rule. There are different age guidelines for the middle schools and junior high schools. Enrollment is an important rule, which can keep students from moving from school to school to play for different teams. A student must be enrolled in the first 20 days of a semester as a regular student to be eligible. This can be waived in special circumstances, but those are discussed and considered on a case by case basis. Outside participation means that students can't take part in a nonschool team of the same sport, at the same time as the school season is going on. This helps prevent injuries and issues with games being at the same times.

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