What Is a Hybrid Bike?


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A hybrid bike is a bike that combines qualities of mountain bikes and road bikes. The design produces a bike that is built for comfort, strength and speed. The versatile approach makes the hybrid bike an ideal choice for riders who bike on a variety of different terrains.

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Most hybrid bikes are designed with a greater amount of mountain bike characteristics than road bike characteristics. The comfort level is a result of the more upright frame inspired by mountain bikes. This feature is enhanced by a flat and horizontal handlebar design, which gives the rider a much more comfortable position to ride in.

The strength comes from an aluminum or steel frame that is solid and very sturdy. The bike is able to withstand more weight even with heavy use. The tires are made with a wider, mountain bike-like design to enhance traction on a typical bike path.

The hybrid bike's speed comes from the use of rims that are lighter than a mountain bike's and a wide range of gears. These are two features taken from a typical road bike. These features allow the bike to ride more quickly since they reduce the amount of resistance that comes with heavier frames and allow the rider to change gears to suit any type of ride, such as an uphill slope or rough terrain.

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