What Are the Hunting Zones in Michigan?

Michigan is divided into three hunting zones from north to south, including Zone 1, which is the upper peninsula; Zone 2, which is the lower peninsula; and Zone 3, which is the remaining southern portion of the state. Each hunting zone is also divided into applicable time zones from east to west, signified alphabetically from A to D, respectively.

Hunters must check the map issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to find the approved hunting times, regulations and restrictions for each hunting zone and applicable time zone.

Zone 1 includes all of Michigan above the Mackinac Bridge that isn't connected by land to the lower portion of the state. This zone is subdivided into Time Zone B, which runs from its eastern edge to the western borders of Luce and Mackinac Counties; Time Zone C, which runs from those county lines to the western borders of Marquette, Dickinson and Menominee Counties; and Time Zone D, which encompasses the balance of the western end of the upper peninsula.

Hunting Zones 2 and 3 are trisected from north to south, with the eastern quarter of the state in Time Zone A, the central portion of the state and the bulk of its counties in Time Zone B, and the far western line of counties along the state's border in Time Zone C.