How Do You Get a Hunting Lease for Land in West Virginia?


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A common way to lease land to hunt on in West Virginia is to use a private company with an online directory of available hunting land. Such companies assist landowners in leasing their land to hunters and make leasing land for hunting convenient for hunters, too.

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How Do You Get a Hunting Lease for Land in West Virginia?
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There are many companies that help hunters to lease land for hunting from landowners. One such company that serves hunters in West Virginia is Base Camp Leasing. Other companies that often have West Virginia leases available include TFG Hunting and Recreation and the WV Land Group. When deciding between companies, customer reviews can provide insight. Refer to popular review websites for up to date reviews of these and similar companies.

When you are signing a hunting lease, it is important to make sure that you are protected from legal liability, from fraud and from other legal action. The National Agricultural Law Center and the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension both have guidelines for drafting leases that protect both landowners and hunters. It is advisable to refer to these when writing a lease and when signing one.

An alternative to purchasing a hunting lease is to purchase a hunting license. A hunting license for West Virginia can be purchased online through the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

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