What Are Some of the Hunting Laws and Regulations in Texas?


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Some of the hunting laws and regulations in Texas include the requirement to wear hunter orange while hunting in public lands, and the ability to hunt nuisance fur-bearing animals without a license. However, hunting licenses are required for persons of any age who hunt birds, frogs or turtles.

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In Texas, hunters are not required to wear high-visibility gear when hunting on private property. However, individuals hunting in public lands are required to wear at least 400 square inches of daylight florescent orange gear; 144 square inches must be located on both the chest and back of the hunter.

Texas law also regulates the buying and selling of inedible wildlife parts. Items such as animal hide, antlers and bones may only be commercialized if the part was lawfully taken or possessed. Similarly, feathers from ducks, geese and brant may be commercialized for use in pillows, mattresses and for the making of fishing flies. However, it is against the law to possess any part of a deer hit by a motor vehicle.

Wild animals may not be hunted on public roads or on the right-of-way of public roads. However, individuals holding a Reptile and Amphibian Stamp are allowed to capture native reptiles and amphibians from the shoulder or unpaved area of any road.

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